Pre-Vent Feeders
Goes Pink for
Breast Cancer

The Standard Pre-Vent® Feeder is now available in PINK and we will donate $1 per feeder sold during the month of October to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®.

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A Simple, Effective Solution

The Pre-Vent Feeder is the first and only horse feeder designed to imitate a horse’s natural grazing behavior.  Its patent pending wide base and angled compartments are designed to force a horse to use his tongue and lips to retrieve small amounts of feed, requiring him to concentrate and keep his head down while feeding.

The Pre-Vent Feeder was developed by a horse owner who witnessed a severe choke episode on a horse in her care. After more than a decade of searching for solutions and designing prototypes, the Pre-Vent Feeder was born. Since its introduction, the Pre-Vent Feeders team has heard from hundreds of horse owners and veterinarians about the simple effectiveness of the product.

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