Here's what the experts have to say.

As an equine veterinarian, I routinely diagnose and treat esophageal obstruction "choke" in horses.   This most often occurs in "special needs" or geriatric horses consuming high quality pelleted feed.  This includes my personal 30 year old gelding, which would choke at least 3 to 4 times each year.  Since I've started using Pre-Vent Feeders, he has not choked and I am able to safely and efficiently feed him the quantity of feed needed to support his nutritional requirements.  I recommend the Pre-Vent Feed to clients with horses that choke, have poor teeth, or have horses that are rapid, "sloppy,"  or social eaters.

— Brent Pugh, MS, DVM
Mid South Veterinary Services, TN

The Pre-Vent Feeders are very durable and easy-to-use. I like the natural reinforcement of a horse’s grazing tendencies by slowing down their consumption of grain-based feeds. It keeps their heads in the proper position for a grazing animal. They are a great solution to the overly aggressive eater. I look forward to using more of them.

— Steve Vogelsang, Breeding Manager
Bird Song Farms, Brenham TX

Choke occurs in horses frequently. Horses must learn to eat slower, which, in turn, allows them to better assimilate their feed.

We are using 12 Pre-Vent Feeders at our equine clinic and have been very pleased with the results. The individual wells not only slow down the eating process, but reduce the amount of spilled or dropped feed. Prevent problems before they occur with Pre-Vent Feeders!

— Andrew K. Currie, VMD
Currie Equine Clinic, Hempstead TX

We have been using the Pre-Vent Feeder and are impressed with how well the horse adapts to the design. It has reduced the amount of grain dropped in the shavings and on the ground by aggressive eaters and horses with dental problems.

After using the Pre-Vent Feeders for more than two years, I’ve been impressed with how sturdy the feeder is.  It has been indestructible, even standing up to very aggressive eaters.


— Benjamin R. Buchanan, DVM, DACVIM, DACVECC
Brazos Valley Equine Hospital, Navasota, TX

I just LOVE my Pre-Vent feeder! My horse is very social and would take a mouthful of feed, then pop his head up to see what he has missed, in turn losing about 20% of his meal.  The Pre-Vent feeder has really, really helped with this problem.  The feeder is so much larger than my usual bucket that when he lifts his head, the feed drops right back into the feeder and ends up in my horse, rather than on the ground.  I hardly see any pellets left behind and can confidently say he may only be losing 5% of his feed now.

Right off the bat, my horse accepted the new feeder.  He stuck his head right in and began to chow down.  I also love how light, moveable and durable the feeder is. I even take it along to shows with me - I pack the feeder full of stuff and load it right up into the trailer.  This is a great way to save a few pennies at the feed store and ensure my horse is getting everything he needs at meal times

— Andi Davison, LVT
Owner/Manager of Skeldale Farms & Amateur Eventing Competitor, Alvaton, KY

Here's what our customers are saying.

The Pre-Vent Feeder is one of the best investments I have made for my horse. Blackie choked twice on me.  However, since I started using the Pre-Vent feeder, he has not choked and he does not waste any of his feed and supplements. Love this product!

— Priscilla M
Middletown, RI

I don’t even want to think about how much money we wasted on feed and supplements for our three-year-old mare before the Pre-Vent Feeder.  She loved to knock over her feed bucket and eat off the ground, which made it nearly impossible to feed her supplements.
After starting her on the Pre-Vent Feeder, she can’t knock the bucket over and she has stopped gulping her feed.  The biggest relief is knowing how much money we save every month because she doesn't waste any of her supplements! I have tried a lot of different buckets but this feeder is one of the best.

— Claire W
Kempner, TX

Our two-year-old horse Rebel was having issues with choking.  His stall is right next to a mare who is older and was very pushy.  When he would eat she would bang the mesh between the stalls and made Rebel very nervous. After at least 4 different choking episodes, something had to change. 

My barn owner mentioned an advertisement for the Pre-Vent Feeder.   Since we have installed it, we have not had a single episode with him choking.  I love being able to remove the feeder from the wall to clean it every so often as well. 

My daughter has taken her horse to 4-H camp for the past two years and we make sure to pack his Pre-Vent Feeder since he is stalled next to horses he is not familiar with.

— Robin H.
North Carolina

My gelding "Gun" bolted his feed and choked a few times.  With one incident of choking, he aspirated feed into his lungs, then got  bacterial pneumonia and was very sick. We thought we could possibly lose him.  After a $2,600 vet bill, he was finally getting better.  I ordered him a Pre-Vent Feeder to prevent this from ever happening again, and he has had no choking episodes since feeding him in the Pre-vent Feeder!

— Audrey